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Rue Verte strives for luxurious and unique design for the entire home. We have products such as miscellaneous, lamps, sofas, tables and dining chairs.

Eclipse Chandelier

Eclipse Chandelier



Dimensions and prices
Round 20 - 20cm dam x 35cm h - Price on request
Round 40 - 40cm diam x 40cm h - Price on request
Round 60 - 60cm diam x 40cm h - Price on request
Round 100 - 100cm diam x 55cm h - Price on request
Oval 120 - 120cm x 50cm x 40cm h - Price on request
Oval 150 - 150cm x 60cm x 40cm h - Price on request

Horsehair shade on burgundy card and dark coloured horn drops

Lead time
Approximately 8 - 12 weeks

Further information
These products are hand-made in England. There may occur variations in color and finish due to the hand finished nature of these products. Click here to download the picture in high res.

For all enquiries, please contact:

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