Rue Verte


Rue Verte is a high-end interior design store located in the heart of Copenhagen at Ny Østergade. Explore our universe in the 250 years old listed building through a maze of inspirational settings.


Rue Verte is housed in a beautiful building more than 250 years old located in the busy streets of Copenhagen. A multi-level store dressed as a stunning apartment complete with kitchen, dining room, living room and bedroom contemporary curated with carefully selected high-end furniture and lighting, unique objects and fine arts and an expansive portfolio of Rue Verte’s own interior designs and brand collaborations. 

With a great appreciation and understanding of fine materials and superb craftsmanship, Rue Verte is  known for its signature style with an uncompromising approach independent of momentarily fashion and trends.

Boffi Kitchen in Rue Verte
Tactile Sofa and Pangolin Vases
Arrondissement Circle Dining Table
Viktor Sofa from Baxter
Cortes Desk, Oud Chair & Serge Mouille Wall Lamp